In the wake of several tragic school shootings, area schools have been on high alert for any reference to potential violence from their students. 

Yesterday school officials in Healdton released a statement regarding student safety and an issue with a student who disclosed they were going to go on a shooting rampage. In the statement, the school said the disclosure was made at a counselor’s office and that a professional then contacted law enforcement. 

Healdton Police Chief Jon Sumner stated the Department of Human Services and the police were involved.

“A student said some things he shouldn’t,” Sumner said. “There was a gun at the home, which was handed over to us to ensure everyone’s safety. The student has been suspended due to some other legal issues which are pending with the Carter County district court.” 

Sumner said they were able to investigate the matter quickly and now have the situation under control. 

Though the school’s statement was clear the student did not mention the school specifically, law enforcement and the school say they are taking appropriate steps to ensure both student and public safety.