A new grocery pick-up service at Ardmore’s Walmart is proving popular.
Customers can place a grocery order online or through the Walmart app ahead of time,  get a phone call letting them know when their orders are ready. Then, they park in an orange parking spot on the north end of the building and wait for an employee to bring their order out. Walmart has been introducing the service to locations since 2016.
Ardmore resident Elisa Griffith, who works full-time and runs her own business, said she’s a fan.
“I was waiting for this for a while. I was putting in our zip code every single week to see if it was available,” Griffith said. “I knew other locations had it, it’s definitely a step up.”
Griffith, whose children are 10, 7, 3 and 6 months old, said a trip to the store can take hours for her family.
“For a small town like Ardmore, to me this is a game changer,” Griffith said.
Customers check in when they’re on the way to the store and describe their car so employees can deliver the order to the right car. If the store is out of an item, an employee will make a substitution and bring the changes to the customers’ attention at pick-up.
Launie Ray, who lives in Ratliff City, said she recently tried the service for the first time. She said the distance between her home and larger grocery stores can be a challenge.
“We kind of live in between Duncan and Ardmore, and my husband works in Davis,” Ray said. “We tend to go to Ardmore at least once a week.”
She placed her order ahead of time and picked it up on Thursday while she was in town running errands. She said the stop took about ten minutes total.
“I had my two-year-old with me at the time and she was really ready for a nap,” Ray said. “It would have been chaos trying to go shopping.”