Every year, many Americans file tax returns and send or receive numerous forms and letters. With that, comes the potential for stolen identity and financial information—and for scams.
One Ardmore man reported a loss of approximately $3,000 after being contacted by phone by an individual claiming to work for the IRS. In his report to Ardmore Police, the victim said he was told he had to pay or risk seizure of his personal property. The caller instructed the victim to go to a local store and purchase money cards in order to send funds over GooglePay.
That correspondence should come from reputable sources, like an individual’s employer, financial institution, or the Internal Revenue Service itself.
“No legitimate business or government agency is going to dun you for money over the phone,” said Ardmore Police Capt. Keith Ingle. “Anything official will come in the regular mail, with an official phone number to call.”
    Ingle encouraged everyone not to send money online to people they don’t personally know. Information about filing tax returns and resolving issues with the IRS can be found online at irs.gov.