Two Plainview High School students dominated in a statewide art competition held last month.
Parker Freeman and Kaiser Mills’ pieces won first in their division at the Fun Country Art and Music competition held February 21 in Ada. Special Olympics Oklahoma holds the competition every year. Special education teacher Mike Siar said they weren’t able to attend in person.
“It was freezing so we couldn’t go, but fortunately all of their stuff was already there,” Siar said. “They got word of the outcomes just last week.”
Freeman’s pieces, a drawing of Pikachu and a sketch of The Joker, placed first and second in their divisions. Freeman said he is a big fan of Batman and Pokemon, and he’s always enjoyed drawing as a hobby.
Mills, who is a senior this year, won  Best in Show with a sculpture of a praying mantis made from giant cotton swabs, newspaper, tape, foil and wire for the antenna. He placed first in two divisions last year, winning best in show as well.
“Art’s my thing,” Mills said. “I’ve been doing it since I was five years old. I love sculpting and drawing.”
Plainview art teacher Greg Dudley gave the students materials and some pointers, but the works were theirs alone.
“They go over there every day to do art and then come back over,” Sial said. “They did it all. They did a great job.”