Debate over state question 788 has incited debate across the state with regard to medical marijuana, hemp and their uses.
Across the nation, 30 other states have provisions for medical use of cannabis. Various groups in Oklahoma have petitioned legalization for various reasons, including therapeutic, recreational and for the promise of revenue. This Saturday, a group of community residents have assembled a panel to address questions and concerns about the potential pros and cons marijuana could bring the area.
The seminar will kick off with vendors, including Pure Wellness CBD, Restoring Lives, Mac’s and local food trucks and live music provided by Sammy Mitchell of Shawnee, a singer-songwriter and Army veteran.
The question and answer panel will feature Todd Larkin of Pure Wellness CBD, Frank Grove, the co-author of SQ 788, Chris McMahan, an Army veteran and community activist, Joe Lacy, an advocate for medical marijuana, and local chiropractors Drs. Lee Grant and Brent Holland.
“The main reason I wanted to open the store was to help people,” Larkin said. “I also want to educate people and erase the stigma of CBD and cannabis use. It’s not just Jeff Spicoli from ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High,’ it’s doctors, lawyers, teachers and veterans using CBD and other cannabis products to treat various ailments without
putting harmful chemicals into their bodies,” Larkin said.
The emcee for the event, Kyle Lawson, Chairman of the Carter County Democratic Party, said the panel is made up of people from various backgrounds in the community. Lawson said he and others were frustrated with the misinformation being spread about the state question. The panel represents a diverse collaboration of leaders across political parties and other social lines. Democrats, Independents, and Libertarians will be among those represented.
Lawson said the group invited other representatives, including Oklahoma Representative Pat Ownbey, who declined to participate.
The event will begin at 10:30 a.m. Saturday and conclude at 2 p.m. Anyone with questions or concerns or those who want to show their support are invited to attend, Lawson said.