Career Day at Plainview High School made the future slightly less scary on Wednesday afternoon.
The afternoon consisted mostly of breakout sessions with different professionals in various fields. With college on the horizon, seniors got first pick when deciding what presentations to attend. Then, District Attorney Craig Ladd and Judge Carson Brooks spoke to the whole group about life choices that could effect their career prospects down the line. Senior Bailey Brandenburg said the event gave her a chance to think about the future calmly.
“Being a senior, it’s like ‘it’s right there, but I have no idea,’ so that’s kind of scary,” Brandenburg said. “Today de-stressed me a little bit.”
Brandenburg chose to attend a presentation with speech language pathologist Stacy Ogden. She said she’s still trying to decide what she wants to do after high school, and the presentation gave her insight into a career she didn’t know much about.
“My mom and a few adults in my life had mentioned it to me, so when they offered that it was the first one I signed up for,” Brandenburg said. “I’m interested in it now. There’s a lot of different fields you can experience with that career, it’s in demand.”
Senior John Habeck attended a panel with Carter County Dodge and a panel about investing. He said he already had an interest in finance, but got to learn more from the presentations than he could on his own.
“It’s interesting to hear more of a lecture rather than a lesson, from people who know what they were talking about because they have that experience,” Habeck said. “This was nice because it’s tangible.”
He said if anything, he wishes events like the career fair were available to students from an earlier age.
“People can be kind of aimless when they’re going through high school,” Habeck said. “If I’d known that do to finance you need to be really good at algebra, I probably would have paid more attention to it.”
Senior Zane Miller chose to attend Bill Moore’s lecture about pursuing a career as a pharmacist. He said he already had interest in that career path and was able to learn more in-depth information about the field during the lecture.
“I learned what they do every day, I actually got to hear personal stories,” Miller said.
He said writing an essay for English about his future career also helped him learn about the field.
The students said other resources like are a starting point for students, but they aren’t something most students continually use once they’re introduced to them. Habeck joked that he uses the website every single day, but all of the students agreed there was only so much they could research on their own.  
“I go on these kicks where I’m like ‘okay, I need to figure out what to do with my life’ and I’ll research it, click the first thing that pops up, but we don’t talk about it with each other because it’s just so stressful,” Brandenburg said.