After nearly a year and a half, development efforts for a warehouse project at the Ardmore Municipal Airpark are nearing completion.

The Ardmore Development Authority approved more than $67,000 worth of improvements for leveling and ground work for the surrounding property.

The 80,000-square foot warehouse is currently unoccupied, but the ADA hopes to soon have a new tenant.

“It’s the perfect place for distribution, or you could do manufacturing in there,” Mita Bates, president and CEO of the Ardmore Chamber of Commerce, said. “It was an old warehouse that was destroyed, we were able to build on the existing foundation. While that was a good plan, it did have its consequences which have slowed the project down.”

Bates said deficiency in the aging infrastructure of the airpark has also slowed development, most of which has now been addressed.

“If you are able to maximize utilization of all of the land out there, the potential is that you could create possibly 1,000-1,500 jobs,” Bates said. “It’s tough though, depending on what industries you land, you could have industries that are very efficient.”

Bates said the current path of developmment is focused on higher paying careers.

The ADA currently has five requests for proposals from potential suitors, all of which are “foreign direct investments,” or companies interested in relocating to the US, according to Andrea Anderson, director of marketing & industry relations for the Ardmore Development Authority. 

“We always look for opportunities,” Bates said. “We are currently working with a small company that is going to begin work in Ardmore in the near future. The have been in an incubator in Duncan but will be doing their work here. This is a good example of working together with others because there are things we can offer that Duncan can’t, and they facilitated that introduction,” Bates said.