Oklahomans know how to prepare for tornado season, but a little extra information can’t hurt.
The 7th annual Severe Weather Preparedness Day is slated for 9 a.m. this Saturday at the Ardmore Convention Center.
The event is free and open to the public. Guests from the National Weather Service will deliver a presentation about storm-spotting. The presentation and the final speaker will conclude at 12:30 p.m. The event officially wraps up at 1 p.m. Organizations from Love, Carter, Johnston and Garvin counties will be present.
“Anyone in this area who wants to come is more than welcome,” Ardmore Emergency Management Director Amber Wilson said.
The Southern Baptist Disaster Relief organization will attend the event for the first time this year. The organization sends volunteers to areas effected by disasters to help clean up, and then to help repair damaged homes after the initial disaster ends.
“We’re really excited about them coming down and connecting with the community here,” Wilson said.
Storm-spotting groups will attend as well, giving attendees a chance to ask questions about the field.
Wilson said some people attend to learn storm-spotting skills for themselves, but others attend for work-related reasons.
“Especially in their area, in smaller communities the fire departments are the storm-spotters,” Wilson said. “They come here for refreshers and if there are new people, they bring them here to get them familiar.”