An increase in shoplifting by various methods has prompted Walmart’s management to implement on-site security.
Following a string of shoplifting reports over the past several weeks, the store now employs a door guard in the evenings. The guard was observed checking carts and bags against receipts of exiting shoppers.
“(It’s) Common practice to have security at certain stores across the US based off a certain set of criteria,” said Case Staheli, senior manager for national media relations with Walmart’s corporate office. “This security guard is there during the nighttime hours to bring in an added layer of security to our customers and associates.”
Store personnel declined to comment, and media relations stated they do not discuss internal policies, so additional details about what criteria justified extra security could not be determined.
According to reports from the Ardmore Police Department, two incidents were reported Monday at the retailer. One incident involved shoplifting of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs. A city complaint was issued to that individual and they were banned from the store.
A separate incident occurred earlier in the day, where the suspect went to the self-checkout and scanned barcodes of items different from what she actually had. The suspect was confronted and it was verified that this was what happened. The suspect was given a court date and released, while also being banned from the store.
APD Capt. Keith Ingle said those issued a ban from the store would be arrested for trespassing if found on the premises again.