Carter County Court Clerk Renee Bryant has announced that March 21st through April 19th the district court will offer an amnesty period for any person that has an active warrant for Failure to Pay in Carter County. Anyone with active Failure to Pay warrants may come to the Court Clerk’s office and pay the full balance owed or pay $250 toward the full balance, sign a new payment agreement and have their payments reset. Once paid in full or when payments have been reset, the fines and cost warrant will be recalled.
“We currently have roughly 5,200 warrants outstanding dated back as far as 1997,” said Bryant. “Not all of the outstanding warrants are for fines and costs, some are fail to appears, motions and warrants of arrest.”
The district court will also be offering a grace period for past due fines and costs during this time. Anyone behind on their court fines and costs payments and possibly facing a warrant being issued may come to the Court Clerk’s office, pay a minimum of $250 and sign a new payment agreement. This will stop a Failure to Pay warrant from being issued and additional fees being added.
To find out if you or someone you know has an active warrant, you may visit or and search by name or contact the fines and cost administrator at (580) 223-5253.