When it comes to bikers and their motorcycles, some colors just don’t run.
But on Saturday, an array of “hogs,” “crotch rockets” and patches will ride together, united by their love of the open road and a common cause with the American Iron Riders hosting its annual Kruzin for Kids Poker Run, raising funds for area children and veterans.
Around 100 riders from all across Oklahoma and beyond will descend upon Longhorn Scooters in Ardmore on Saturday, beginning the 150-mile Poker Run said American Iron Riders member Michelle ‘Lefty’ Douglas.
“Supporting the kids and the vets is something we all agree on,” Douglas said. “On Saturday there will be the American Iron Riders, the Forsaken Few, and riders from all over the state and Texas coming together. We’ve never had any problems and we won’t again this year. We really do ride for the same reasons, and we support each other in how we support our troops and kids.”
Twice a year the American Iron Riders, a local nonprofit, fill backpacks and Christmas wishes, taking local children on shopping sprees during the holidays and purchasing school supplies in August. Additionally, the group of bikers serves veterans on a monthly basis, hosting cookouts and bingo nights at the Veterans Center.
Douglas said the Krusin for Kids Poker Run is a primary fundraiser, making their annual giving to veterans and less fortunate children possible.
“This is a big deal for us,” Douglas said. “We wouldn’t be able to give back the way we have without the Poker Run.”
Registration for the event will begin at 10 a.m. Saturday morning. The first bike will depart Longhorn Scooters at 11 a.m. and the last bike is scheduled to finish the run at 4 p.m.
The destination and checkpoints, for now, are a mystery as maps for the Poker Run won’t be handed out until the day of the run, Douglas said.
Upon registration, participants will ride from checkpoint to checkpoint collecting beads to be redeemed for cards in the poker game held at the final destination. The first poker hand costs $20 and the next costs $10, with prizes being awarded for high and low hands. Additionally, Douglas said there would be door prizes and food handed out at the last stop.
She said last year the Iron Riders brought roughly 90 riders out to the event and hopes this year they’ll have a legion of 100 bikers rolling through downtown Ardmore Saturday.
“Saturday is going to be a beautiful and a perfect day to ride.
Hopefully, this will be a record year for us.
Last year we had around 90 and it was a sight to see with all of us riding down Commerce and Prairie Valley,” Douglas said. “Anybody that wants to get out and ride is more than welcome.”