Ardmore Police Department’s furriest officers have continued their weekly training program, landing multiple arrests over the past several months.
Last week, one of the K9 officers, Boss, a German Shepherd, apprehended a suspect in a burglary attempt.
Boss and his coworkers, Lucky and Ragnar, are state certified, with the latter two being nationally certified as well. Lucky is also a German Shepherd, and Ragnar is a Belgian Malinois. Each dog is certified to be a dual purpose animal. They are able to track and apprehend suspects and search for narcotics. They are also trained in handler protection.
Ardmore Police Capt. Keith Ingle said the dogs train weekly, along with other dogs from around the area. Ingle is a state certified trainer and is also qualified to certify dogs for other departments. “We really want our dogs to shine,” said Ingle. “And it’s fun to get to watch the dogs work.”
Ingle said he has always worked with dogs. A family member trained beagles, he said. From there he became interested in law enforcement dogs. In 2005, Ingle said he started working with K9 officers as a handler, then later a trainer. Ingle said CLEET offers the certification class after several years of experience as a handler and as a trainer.
Other K9 units from the area travel to Ardmore to train with Ingle and get their dogs certified.