An Ardmore police officer was allegedly assaulted early Monday morning while responding to a burglary in process in the 1100 block of 11th Ave NW. 

When officers arrived on the scene, the homeowners were able to identify the suspect, Jason Marcus Rapier, 39, of Ardmore, who was watching the officers interview the victims from the open doorway of a residence across the street, according to APD Capt. Keith Ingle. 

Ingle said the officers then approached the suspect who refused to comply with the officers’ instructions before reaching into clothing at his waistline, pulling out a small flip cell phone and “pointing it at the officers like it was a gun.” 

Officers were able to make contact with the suspect, but not before Rapier allegedly assaulted one of the officers, striking him in the head with a closed fist. Ingle added that the suspect then tried to grab the officer’s gun, but the officer was able to prevent it by securing his service weapon with his hand. The suspect then allegedly bit the officer on the hand, before being pepper sprayed by officers.

“That is the second one this week where someone has tried to go for the officer’s gun,” Ingle said. “They train to prevent it, but when an officer asks you to show him your hand, show him your hands.”

Ingle said the breaking and entering charge would be filed as a felony since the homeowner was home at the time of the alleged incident.

Ingle said the responding officer reported the suspect was sweating profusely and possibly under the influence of drugs at the time of the arrest.

District Attorney Craig Ladd said Rapier is currently on probation for previous felony charges of distribution and that the DA’s office would look to revoke that probation, adding that due to his criminal history, Rapier now faces four years to life in prison for the current charges.