Ardmore Police Officer Jared Buckaloo took a report Monday regarding four counterfeit $100 bills.
The reporting party told police he received the bills in exchange for repair services. He was notified the bills were counterfeit by his bank, which kept one of the bills for reporting purposes.
The reporting party then proceeded to the police station to report the incident. The fake currency has pink Chinese symbols on the face side. These bills are available from several online sources for approximately $10 per 100 bills. Many stores and businesses have special pens that detect fake bills or have a policy of checking larger bills before accepting them. This leads to individuals using the counterfeit money to purchase items from individuals.
Other recent cases involving counterfeit monies are likely not related to this newest incident, said Ardmore Police Capt. Keith Ingle. “There was one case involving $50 bills and another involving “movie money,” said Ingle. “Any currently with non-English writing on it is most likely a fake.”
The case has been turned over to the department’s investigations team. The fake bills were confiscated by police as evidence in the case.