With winter weather looking like an increasingly distant memory and spring officially beginning on Tuesday, it’s time to start enjoying the warmer weather and thinking about our spring wardrobes. With the help of two local clothing stores, we have some tips to help you create some of Spring 2018’s latest trends.

“I went to market about four weeks ago and saw a lot of different things,” Elizabeth Douglass, store manager at the Pocket Shop, said. “Purple and lavender are both very big this season which is really interesting because purple isn’t worn that much, but it’s a staple this season.” 

Douglass also said that this season’s new designs are all about color with traditional spring pastels as a foundational palette but vibrant, bright colors being equally represented. A sentiment echoed by the team at The Rage.

“This season we’re seeing lots of mustard yellow and blush,” Peighton Cook, sales associate at The Rage, said. Another trendy color for spring for those who are not as interested in wearing bright color statements is cream, with white on white also being a popular combination.

Color matching appears to be on trend for the season, with denim on denim being a new favorite of the fashion forward. The color of the fabric can be the shade of your choice with shades ranging from traditional denim, to the palest faded light blue, to even acid-washed for the more adventurous.

Speaking of denim, the team at The Rage said that they are seeing lots of flared jeans for the spring. Elizabeth Douglass from the Pocket Shop added that one of her personal favorite trends was distressed fabric.

“We’re seeing lots of frayed and patched jeans,” Douglass said. “We’ve got some jeans with some fringe on the bottom that are very on trend for the season.”

When it comes to pairing something with those distressed flared jeans, Kourtney Ross, with The Rage, suggested peplum tops. Peplum tops, otherwise know as baby doll tops, are more fitted in the chest and waist before flaring out towards the bottom of the garment.

A final trend both establishments mentioned was pattern, with stripes and florals being the key to a chic spring look. 

“Stripes that run every which way are very big this season,” Douglass said. “We also are seeing lots of mixed prints that combine stripes with florals.”

In closing, here is a glimpse into the future. One you can either look to with delight or concern depending on your perspective.

“We don’t really have any of this, but plastic is very big in New York this season,” Elizabeth Douglass said. “We may be seeing that soon.” Because sometimes the more risky fashion choices can take a bit longer to reach this area from the coasts, we could soon be seeing some 90’s inspired plastic jackets, tops and even trousers depending on whether or not the trend takes off. Plastic pants for autumn anyone?