Dickson Public Schools have closed for the rest of the school week as teachers from the district plan to join the statewide teacher walkout.  
The district prepared to close last week, but delayed closing after House Bill 1010xx, which provided a teacher pay raise and education funding, was signed into law the week before the walkout was slated to start on April 2. Dickson Superintendent Jeff Colclasure said now that the school has completed state testing, they’re prepared to close.
“Our teachers have waited patiently while we got testing done,” Colclasure said. “They want the opportunity to have their voices heard and we’re giving them that opportunity.”
Concerns about students who rely on free and reduced lunch had haunted local districts in the lead up to the walkout. Initially, the district had created contingency plans for a teacher walkout. They collected food donations and prepared bags of food to send home with students and were prepared to bus students to the school for lunch and back home again. Colclasure said those plans have been scrapped since no parents requested that service.  
“At this point we’re delivering food to those who have requested it,” Colclasure said. “We’ve received a lot of donations. We’ve put together a plan for five days, just in case.”
Colclasure said he plans to reassess the situation on Friday and determine if the school needs to stay closed longer, so teachers can continue demonstrating at the state Capitol. Last week, Dickson Public Schools sent teacher delegations to advocate for education funding and higher wages for teachers and support staff, but did not close down.
“I feel like our community is very supportive of our teachers,” Colclasure said.
The school will be delivering food to students throughout the week. To schedule a delivery, call 580-223-9557.