Hill Top Equine Therapy is throwing a party this Saturday and everyone’s invited.
The nonprofit is holding its fourth annual barn dance to raise money for its program. Hill Top provides therapeutic riding lessons for people suffering from various disabilities.   
For the occasion, the barn will sport a temporary dance floor. Throughout the night there will be live music and a pulled pork cookout followed by a dinner. Founder Dan Corr said roughly 150 people attended the event last year.
“We don’t have a business out here, we’re a family,” Corr said.
Some stalls will be converted into games for visiting kids. Kaitlyn Jordan will perform the national anthem. There will also be a chicken poop bingo game and a live auction. Corr said items up for auction will range from handmade items to equestrian equipment to art, live goats and rabbits. There will also be cakes and pies up for grabs.
“There’s something here for everybody,” Corr said. “It’s a really good time.”
Corr said the event usually wraps up around 10 p.m., but could go longer if people want to stay.
“We won’t run anybody off,” Corr said. “As long as people are happy and hungry, we’ll keep going.”
The dance is slated to start at 5 p.m. Saturday, April 14 at Hill Top Equine Therapy, located at 9435 N. Meridian Road in Ardmore. Tickets are $15 at the door.