The mural under the bridge on Lake Murray Drive is a familiar sight to anyone who lives in Ardmore, but new additions should make it pop even more after this week.
Palmer Studios Inc, the company that created the original mural, has been adding new designs around the original art. Owner Bob Palmer said the original artwork went up roughly a year and a half ago.
“What was here before is anything you see inside the rectangles,” Palmer said. “So anything you see behind or outside those rectangles, that’s what we’ve added.”
The original design included rectangular drawings from different students, depicting cowboys, Native Americans, farms and the Oklahoma flag. Now, the muralists are embellishing the wall with flowers, paintbrushes, crayons and splashes of color, along with more defined outlines around the original art.
“We went around to the different schools in the area and asked them to give us their idea of the history of Oklahoma,” Palmer said. “We’ve depicted those kids’ pictures as closely as we could.”
They’ve have been at work since Monday and will wrap up on Thursday.
“They wanted us to add more color, and I really think it’s changed the whole feel,” Palmer said.
Walt Sumner, a new muralist at the company, said the mural is his first project.
“It’s pretty large-scale for me, but it’s been fun, it’s been nice and the weather has been great,” Sumner said. “These guys are great to work with, the Ardmore Beautification Council has been really helpful and generous.”