A house on E Street NW caught fire Saturday afternoon, blanketing downtown Ardmore with thick white smoke, more visible than usual due to the cold, foggy conditions.
Ardmore Fire Department and Ardmore Police Department responded to a call after 5 p.m. No one was home when the two-story structure caught fire.
“It started in the second story of that garage apartment,” AFD Captain John Henry said. “As for what started it, it’s still under investigation at this time.”
Henry said no one was injured and the department was able to contact the residents.
“We arrived on scene at 5:25 p.m. and the fire was controlled at 5:33 p.m.,” Henry said. “But we stayed on scene until 7:15 p.m.”
Firefighters continued to work on the structure, making sure the fire hadn’t spread to any nearby homes and that the flames were completely extinguished.
OG&E responded as well after the fire damaged nearby power lines.
“They had some power lines damaged by the fire on the south side of the building,” Henry said. “We [were] getting it shut off so we can operate safely on both sides.”