Springer School’s art students raised roughly $2,500 for their art program during the school’s annual auction Thursday night.
Everything from ceramic pieces and paintings to woven pieces and drawings were up for bid throughout the evening. Everything on display, including the posters on the walls, were made by the students. Springer Art Teacher Dottie Parsons said $1,000 of the final total came from a single donation.
“This was a collaboration of year-round projects,” Parsons said. “We start with drawing, go into ceramics and then do painting. After that we do yarn projects and other miscellaneous things like collages.”
This marks Parsons’ fifth year as Springer’s art teacher and the fourth year for the auction. Funds raised at the auction go back to the art fund.
“It pays for supplies we need throughout the year,” Parsons said.
Parsons said clay and glaze for the ceramics projects cost a fair amount of money.
“We spend almost $350 on glazes every year,” Parsons said.
Leland Walker donned a straw cowboy hat and overalls to play the role of the auctioneer, motor mouthing through each item and getting in quips here and there. Springer’s gymnasium is named for Walker and his wife Rose.
“I picked that up years ago, by myself,” Walker said.
Parsons said turnout this year was higher than last year’s, which is partially due to the number of students taking art increasing to 53 and a growing art club. This year, students added a mini-gallery along with the auctions, giving parents a chance to pick out their own pieces.
“We had more pieces and we did a slightly different set up this time,” Parsons said.
Students all made God’s eyes, woven pieces that symbolize protection, which lined the back corner of the cafeteria. Another piece, a paper take on the New York Beauty quilt design, was a collaboration between an entire class.
Parsons contributed her own ongoing project to the auction as well. Airplane plants from her own greenhouse served as centerpieces on the tables. Guests could claim them in exchange for a cash donation.
“We have very supportive parents in just about everything, whether it’s sports or art,” Parsons said.