Lone Grove High School was forced to evacuate after a bomb threat just after lunch on Wednesday afternoon.
The school followed emergency protocol after High School Principal Chris Sudderth became aware of the threat and called police. A search of the school turned up nothing and students eventually returned to class.
 Lone Grove Superintendent Meri Jayne Miller said the origin of the threat isn’t known at this time.
“We’re still trying to investigate and see if we can get to the bottom of it,” Miller said. “They were evacuated, we followed bomb threat procedure and when the high school principal had the okay, he was able to get the students back into the building and back to class for the rest of the day.”
Miller said the school sent out automated phone calls to parents to explain what had happened.
“We wanted parents to be aware of what was happening,” Miller said. “I’d certainly want to know.”
Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant said the sheriff’s department assisted with the search after the school was evacuated. He said the search started at roughly 12:40 p.m. and lasted an hour and a half.
“Lone Grove Police Department and the school administration eventually determined it was okay, so they called it off,” Bryant said.
Lone Grove Police Department is still investigating the threat.