Sheryl Ellis, formerly Ardmore’s vice mayor, was elected to serve as mayor at the Ardmore city commission meeting held last night. 

Ellis was first elected to the position in 1998, and this marks her fifth term as mayor. She said in that time, she’s watched Ardmore grow.

“When I came on board we were doing well, but we didn’t have the progress that we have right now,’ Ellis said. “12th Street was still pretty rural, we had more dilapidated houses that needed to be demolished. We’ve seen growth within the city administration and with our census, and certainly with commercial business.”  

Ellis said there are a few ongoing projects on her radar, but her overall goal is to help Ardmore’s retail and industry sectors grow. 

“For me, it’s to keep progressing forward. Keep being welcoming to the retail that wants to come,” Ellis said. “It’s hard for the city to have retail if you don’t give tax rebates and land. We have done that, but we don’t do it all the time.” 

In the short term, she said she’s looking forward to seeing some of the city’s ongoing projects completed. 

“The streetscape project is a big one, as is The Clubhouse,” Ellis said. “We’re all excited about that, as well as just running what we have well, from the HFV Wilson Community Center to all of our trust authorities.” 

Martin Dyer, who served as mayor until last night, is now serving as a city commissioner along with John Moore. 

During the meeting, Ellis presented Dyer with a plaque commemorating his time as mayor and a scrapbook composed by administrative assistant Lori Linney. Dyer has served as mayor for eight terms. 

“It’s been a very busy year, a very interesting year,” Dyer said. “Once again, I’d just like to thank the people who made it all possible. Ardmore is a great city, and moving forward and progressing… With all due respect, it all goes back to… the staff. I think we’ve got the finest staff of anywhere I’ve ever known. I’ve had great support this year from everybody.”