An hour after the final bell rings at Plainview High School, the two-stroke whine and four-stroke grumble of the Blonde Ambition tour roars to life.

At the helm of a zero-turn Husqvarna, mowing crisply cut lines up and down a local business’s side-lawn is the blonde locks and silver tongue of Kahner Green, 15.

Green’s company, Affordable Lawn Care, has an employee Drayden Warner — a wily 17-year-old Plainview student who mans the weed-eater and most importantly, transportation duties — bringing the pair of grass-taming teens to over 35 clients and counting in the area.

Green, in just under two years has become a full-time student and a part-time landscaping tycoon.

What began as a chore when he was 13, Green said turned into a small business, quickly.

After getting a loan from his parents for a zero-turn mower, and doing jobs around his neighborhood, word traveled fast about his landscaping skills, Green said.

“Word of mouth, man,” Green said. “You do a good job and word spreads. It just took off and kept growing and growing and growing.”

Green's also quick to shout out the man above and "to give all glory to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ."

Currently Green serves residential clients, commercial clients, and now he’s even dipping his toes into the public sphere, with the Ardmore Main Street Authority considering a bid to bring the ‘young entrepreneur’ into the fold to help maintain the landscaping along Main Street.

“He’s a bright kid and he does a good job,” Ardmore Main Street Authority General Manager Jeff DiMiceli said in a board meeting Thursday.

Though his driving skills are legally limited to the open lawn, Green is very much a professional.

He articulates his value with hubris. He networks with the little old ladies and through social media. He's drawn up contracts, and has ironed out a partnership agreement, with Warner.

"I take care of him," Green said. "I feed him real good too." 

Green draws up his own bids and contracts for his commercial clients, just like any other professional lawn care company.

And as Green’s landscaping business has grown, Affordable Lawn Care’s two-teen landscaping team often goes head-to-head with professional landscapers over twice his age.

But there's no backing down. A few months back, Green proved his willingness to do whatever it takes for his business. Green tore his ACL in 2017, but once Spring came around, the 15-year-old was back mowing and trimming, limping with a grass-stained knee brace to up to nine different lawns per day.

"My physical therapist wasn't too happy about that," Green said.

It’s not just pain that's given Green gains.

He said another factor in his businesses' growth is his willingness to do jobs for, at times, pennies on the dollar. His pricing strategy is cutthroat, but that’s not to say he’s being taken advantage of.

Green said that’s the first thing he says when he enters a job with a new client.

“When I go to a yard, I tell them just because I’m a kid doesn’t mean that you're going to take advantage of me,” he said. “I know what I’m worth and I tell them. No one's going to do the job as good as we do.”

The competition has taken notice, Green said, and he’s not ashamed to admit to undercutting their bids.

According to Green, some of the prices his rivals charge are ludicrous.

“They charge $1300 dollars to plant a couple trees and a few shrubs,” Green said. “Shoot, I’ll do it for one hundred bucks.”

Though Green’s entrepreneurship in the landscaping business is very much so on the rise, especially for his age, he said his future is aimed at a much more weedy sphere.

Green said he wants to serve his community and eventually his state as the next Governor of Oklahoma.

With the summer busy season is rapidly approaching, Green already has his gubernatorial strategy mapped out.

“I’m going to start out, be on the board of the city of Ardmore, then I’m going to be a representative and then I’m going to become governor and fix everything Mary Fallin has messed up,” Green said.