Several pieces of equipment at Ardmore’s Wastewater Treatment Plant are a little worse for wear, and the Ardmore Public Works Authority recently approved repairs and replacements for them during their last meeting.
The plant is roughly 15 years old, as is most of the equipment inside. Director of Utilities Shawn Geurin said the wear and tear is about what one would expect after that amount of time.
“I don’t want to jinx it, but it’s done well so far,” Geurin said. “We are going to start seeing a little bit more of this within the next year, so we’re going to start looking, maybe not at a full-blown upgrade, but… an update.”
Air Mac, a company that services and manufactures wastewater equipment, will repair an air blower that regulates oxygen levels in the water.
Geurin said repairs would cost an estimated $25,110, and the plant had money already budgeted for the purchase.
“This is at the very last portion of the treatment,” Geurin said. “We have one of those blowers that needs to be repaired now.”
JWC Environmental will repair and rebuild a fine screen that sits at the front of the wastewater plant. Repairs will cost an estimated $32,680
“The fine screen lines up all the material that gets out pre-air, that’s floating out, grinds it up…. spits it out, and we haul it off to a landfill,” Geurin said. “It’s a very critical piece of equipment we have over there and it is in desperate need of repair.”

Geurin said the money had already been budgeted, and the wastewater treatment plant staff had already done as much of the repairs as they could.

Wynn Construction will replace two filter underdrains and media, which is charcoal and sand that helps filter the water. Geurin said bids on the project opened last year, and Wynn’s was the lowest at $216,000.