While the overall crime rate in Ardmore has decreased significantly in recent years, according to the uniform crime report released by OSBI and the Ardmore Police Department, theft is still an ongoing issue in the area.
On Wednesday, a theft was reported, like several others in recent months, where a handgun was taken from a parked vehicle. Ardmore police officer Billy Eades completed a report which estimated a total loss of $400.
Though a suspect has been named for this particular incident, that is not always the case.
“Sometimes the stolen items are recovered,” said Ardmore Police Capt. Keith Ingle. “Many times they are not found at all.”
Cases involving items stolen from unlocked automobiles are preventable, Ingle said.
“Be responsible,” Ingle said. “Lock your firearm in a device that is bolted into the vehicle or take it inside with you.”
While there is no additional penalty for using a stolen weapon in a crime, those found in possession of any stolen article would be charged for possession in addition to any other charges incurred.
“The best thing to do in all cases is to lock your vehicle and not store valuables in it,” Ingle said.