Early reports said an Ardmore woman was brutally killed by dogs Thursday Night east of Ardmore.

The attack occurred on Banyon Road, just off Mary Niblack near the county line.

All seven of the dogs involved were rounded up by Ardmore police department's animal control officers. According to Ardmore Police Department records, the animals were taken to Westwood Veterinary Hospital, then were delivered deceased later to the Ardmore Animal Shelter. The veterinarian was not available yet for comment on the condition of the animals upon arrival.

Shelter Co-director Tena Layton said their examination showed six of the dogs were approximately a year old, with one possibly being the mother of those animals.

The oldest dog of the group was aged at about three years old by her teeth. All of the animals appeared to be a mix of Dachshund and some sort of terrier, Layton said. The oldest of the dogs was reportedly slightly larger and could have been mixed with Border Collie or similar. None of the dogs had legs longer than an adult’s hand per photos retained by the shelter.

All seven animals were heavily infested with fleas and ticks, Layton said. It is unclear at this time whether the animals suffered any other illnesses. The animals are currently being held at the Shelter pending release for cremation.

The Carter County Sheriff's office currently has an ongoing investigation regarding this incident. More information regarding the attack and the victim will be provided as it becomes available.