A 52-year-old Ardmore woman fatally injured in a dog attack last Thursday has been identified by the Carter County Sheriff’s office as Tracie Garcia. Sheriff Chris Bryant confirmed Garcia passed away due to injuries sustained from the  attack.

The breed of the dogs in the attack, Bryant said, were mixed.
“None were over 40 pounds,” Bryant’s Monday afternoon statement said. “[They were] about as tall as your knee.”

Dr. Douglas Aldridge, BS, DVM, the veterinarian who euthanized the animals at the owner's request after the attack, said the animals likely wouldn’t be tested for further disease since Garcia had already been pronounced dead at the scene. Aldridge stated he estimated the weight of the animals from 35-60 pounds, and confirmed that the animals were infested with fleas and ticks. He noted no other obvious signs of disease.

“Mixed breeds can be difficult to determine based on visualizing.  Sometimes it is obvious what the breeds are. This is usually twopurebred dogs that have mated which have the characteristics of each breed,” said Dr. Barry Whitworth, DVM, the OSU Extension Area Food Animal/Quality & Health Specialist said. “However, when mixed breeds cross, it is very difficult to figure out what breeds are involved.”

Family members of the deceased declined to comment on the conditions that led to Garcia’s untimely death. 

The sheriff’s office said the case is still under investigation and they plan to have the case turned over to the District Attorney for consideration by Tuesday morning.