Just over a week ago, on Thursday May 10, Tracie Garcia, 52, of Ardmore died as a result of injuries after being attacked by seven dogs.
Law enforcement and medics were called to the scene at 9:45 p.m. but Garcia’s injuries were too severe, according to reports. Garcia expired at the scene.
According to first responders’ reports, one of the animals was put down on the scene, but the other six were euthanized at the owner’s request at Westwood Veterinary Hospital in Ardmore. The animals were then taken to Ardmore Animal Care Shelter for storage until the bodies were released for cremation. Disagreement over the breed and size of the animals continues as animal rights groups, researchers and law enforcement officials disagree over the mixed breed animals’ lineage. All parties have said that the animals were mixed breed canines between 35-60 pounds, with the majority of the animals being just over one year in age. While the debate continues about whether the dogs’ aggression was due to their breed or possible disease or neglect, the family of the victim continues to mourn the tragic death of the mother of two.  
News of the attack and Garcia’s death has spread rapidly, sparking not only intense debate but an apparent increase in reports of dogs feared to be vicious or aggressive in the area. According to Ardmore police and Carter County Sheriff records, those calls are being taken seriously, with some owners being cited for violations of local ordinances regarding their pets.
Whether criminal charges will be filed in the case of Garcia’s death has not yet been determined, as the Carter County District Attorney’s office said they are awaiting the completion of the law enforcement investigation pending the release of the autopsy report. That report could take as long as three weeks.