The city of Ardmore will auction off cars, computers, machinery and countless other things next month. 

The Ardmore Public Works Authority voted to approve the auction at a meeting Monday night. Anything not sold will be sold for scrap or thrown away. City Clerk Kent Campbell said this will be the first auction they’ve held in three or four years.

“It was determined by departments that the property was excess, obsolete or unserviceable,” Campbell said.  

Vehicles from Ardmore Police Department, maintenance equipment from Parks and Recreation and computer equipment from Ardmore Public Library are all going to be up for grabs. Office items like chairs, refrigerators and magazine racks will also be for sale. 

“A lot of our public utilities all have equipment in there too, it’s just a hodgepodge,” Campbell said. “This will probably be a little bit larger than our last one.”

Campbell said after this auction, the city plans to look into online auctions. That way, old equipment can be continually posted online and cycled out instead of only going to auction once every few years. 

“It’s much easier to do a little bit at a time than to wait and have three or four years of items to sell,” Campbell said. 

The auction is open to the public. Campbell said people sometimes buy things for personal use, but just as many people buy items to resell. 

The auction is slated for Saturday, June 16 outside of the Public Works building in Ardmore, located at 317 OK-142.