Ardmore will update its security camera equipment at several city buildings, replacing parts of the old system with something entirely new.
The mayor and board of commissioners agreed to purchase new cameras and a media server at a meeting on Monday night. Ardmore Information Technology Director Robert Newell said the company that sold and maintained the current equipment no longer exists.
“They were great,” Newell said. “But…they’ve gone by the wayside.”
Currently, each city facility records security footage for future viewing using a digital video recorder. The systems range between four to 15 years old, depending on their location.
“The technology has advanced,” Newell said. “We’ve decided to utilize our network infrastructure and have the cameras go over our internet.”
With the new system, all footage would go back to a central server that can be accessed from multiple locations. With the current set-up, the footage can only be accessed at the building where the cameras are located.
“If an alarm went off, we could log in quickly and see an issue instead of waiting until someone got there to look at the DVR on-site,” Newell said.
The new Avigilon IP equipment is made by Digi Security Systems. The server and new cameras at City Hall, Ardmore Public Library, HFV Wilson Community center and Ardmore Community Pool will cost $33,286.
“Next year, we’ll continue with the rest,” Newell said. “These were just the oldest in the city.”
Newell said the current system’s image quality is poor, especially with the older cameras. The new cameras will also have a wider range and sharper focus.
“What we’re getting… They’re crisp enough that you can zoom in on any point,” Newell said.