Ardmore will be waiting a bit longer for the new wayfinder signage that will mark points of interest throughout the city.
The delays initially began back in November when the capstones for the signs were first delivered. Instead of being Ardmore Red, they were instead a shade of Caribbean Coral. The Ardmore Tourism Authority then contacted the sign company and arranged for the capstones to be replaced at no additional cost to the city. Those replacements came in two weeks ago.
“The replacements pieces that were sent were incorrect,” Mita Bates, President of the ATA and Ardmore Convention and Visitors Bureau said.
The new pieces were basically a kind of slip cover that could be installed atop the untrue hue of the originals. Unfortunately, the replacements ended up being about two inches too short, so they will be returned. The signage company has now agreed to replace the replacements with correctly-sized pieces. Again, this will be at no additional cost to Ardmore, and ideally, the city may even get them sooner than the six months it took first time around.
“Our investment in this project is such that it is extremely important this signage be correct when we install it,” Bates said.
In other words, in addition to the cost, this project has involved the time and hard work of numerous individuals.