Ari James
Some kids set up a lemonade stand to raise money for things their allowance doesn’t cover.
Eight-year-old McKinley Grant set up shop in her dad’s office -- with lemonade, homemade cupcakes, cookies and brownies -- but she’s not raising pocket money for a new bicycle. Grant’s lemonade stand funds all go to charity, namely the Ardmore Animal Shelter and The Grace Center.
Grant’s mother, Kimberly, made the homemade cupcakes — including the icing — herself. The eight-year-old’s store front is just inside her father’s chiropractic offices, between the front door and the coffee. She sits in the corner in a Wonder Woman dress, not hawking her wares, but quietly waiting for those who want to buy a treat to come to her.
“Last year, I raised $186,” McKinley said. “This is the second year.”
Grant’s father, Dr. Lee Grant, said they were shocked when they counted up the funds at the end of McKinley’s first day last year.
“We expected change, because she was only charging 25 cents per item,” Dr. Lee Grant said. “But she had a little over $68.”
Many people would only take one or two things but pay several dollars, Grant said.
This year McKinley Grant hopes to up the dollar amount her project can donate to her chosen causes. “But it’s all helping,” McKinley said.