A misdemeanor charge was filed Friday in what Ardmore Police described as an accidental shooting Thursday afternoon at a local daycare.
APD had previously described the incident as likely accidental and a result of the alleged gunman “target shooting” outside his home near downtown Ardmore.
The charging document filed by Carter County District Attorney Craig Ladd describes the incident as a demonstration of “conscious disregard for the safety of numerous minor children and adults, creating a situation of unreasonable risk and probability of death or great bodily harm to the children and adults by shooting through a large window in the common area and through fence surrounding the playground” of the local daycare facility.
The alleged shooter, a 19-year-old Ardmore man, was not arrested in the incident, however the firearm was confiscated and entered into evidence.
According to the police report, the alleged shooter was questioned by police and then brought before the director of the daycare, inside the daycare facility. It is unclear from the officer’s report what the intent or outcome of that meeting was. The police report further said the daycare director spoke with another officer who encouraged her not to press charges
“because (the shooter) did not mean to shoot their building and that he was cooperating.”

The director declined to work the situation out with the alleged perpetrator, according to the report, citing her obligation to protect the children in her care.

The alleged shooter’s firearm is described in the police report and in court documents as a loaded Daisy multi pump air rifle equipped with a scope. The officer’s report describes “numerous holes in the fence where projectiles had been fired through the fence.”

The (alleged shooter) maintained that he was unaware the projectiles had penetrated the fence, according to the police report.

Carter County District Attorney Craig Ladd confirmed the misdemeanor charge was filed last week. State statute outlines punishment for the filed charge of reckless conduct with a firearm as a fine of $50-500, imprisonment for 10 days to six months or both.