The Ardmore Corporate Fitness Challenge continued Thursday evening with a basketball competition.
The corporate teams squared off in coed groups of three on three in half court games. Each hoped to win the night for their bracket. With two separate games played concurrently at all times throughout the event, the night remained fast paced and exciting. There was always someone to cheer for and something to see.
Mike Whitson, member of the Ardmore Corporate Fitness Challenge Committee, helped keep everything running smoothly along with Event Coordinator, Tom Howell. Whitson explained what makes basketball night such a fun evening.
“I love to see the camaraderie,” he said. “It’s a team building event for each of the different companies, but you also get to see the friendships between companies. Over the years that we’ve been doing this, you see those relationships develop. It let’s them know they are a part of the bigger community.”
Whitson also pointed out why the fitness challenge is so important and the true reason for the competition.
“Everything that we do out here is fun and competitve, but it’s all to raise support and awareness of Cities in Schools and Girls on the Run.”