After almost 30 years in Oklahoma City, the Non-Pro plus the Open Cutting will be moving to Ardmore. Over the course of the next week and a half, non-professionals and amateurs from across the nation will be showing their cutting horses for over $145,000 worth of prizes.
“Originally it started out in Amarillo, Texas,” event organizer Della Hillerman said. “The concept was that the only people who could be in the arena were non pros.”
“It was in Amarillo for about five years, and the promoters there didn’t want to continue the show,” Hillerman explained. “So they offered it to me, and we moved it to Oklahoma City.”
The event proved incredibly successful in its new home at the Oklahoma City Fairgrounds, and last year there were over 1,200 entries. But event organizers decided it was time to make a change.
“With all of the construction Oklahoma City is starting to have on the new coliseum, and just the traffic and massive amount of everything that’s up there, we needed to find a new location,” Hillerman said. “We have an event here in February called the Arbuckle Mountain Futurity, so we decided to move the Non Pro down here to Ardmore.”
Organizers are excited about the new venue.
“This is just a more user-friendly facility,” Hillerman said. “The town is a great size for this type of an event.”
That is not to say that there will not be some challenges associated with the move.
“The facilities aren’t what they have in Oklahoma City, but they are working on them.” Hillerman explained. “We’ve left a lot of the glamour and glitz for a lot of history in this building, but the management and staff here have been working double time to get everything in tip top shape to welcome everyone.”
“It’s going to take us two or three years to get it built back up to the level we had in Oklahoma City,” Hillerman said. “We’re still taking entries, but we’ll probably have between 750 and 800 entries this year. Hopefully, we’ll go over that but we won’t really know until the show is over.”
The Non Pro plus the Open Cutting will run from June 8 through June 17 from 8 a.m. until approximately 8 p.m. daily. To see a complete daily schedule of events visit