Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of profiles introducing area candidates running for local elected offices.

“Please introduce yourself. Include hometown, education & family.”
My name is Jerry Alvord and I have had the honor and pleasure of serving as your Carter County Commissioner of District 3 for the last three , going on four, years.
My wife Shelly and I reside in Wilson. My background in successful independent/personally owned businesses has served me well in giving me the knowledge, skills and ability to serve my community as your County Commissioner.

“What prompted you to run for this office?”
I filed to serve again as your County Commissioner because I have a desire to give back to the community that has been so good to us. The office of County Commissioner often extends beyond politics, it hits at the very heart of service. Government at the county level is the purest form of government because it is the most accessible. It is said that government closest to the people serves the people best and I experience it firsthand.
As a Christian, a Republican and a successful business owner I believe in fiscal responsibility. People work hard for their money and it should be used in that consideration. I have a continued desire to ensure that happens.

“What challenges do you expect to encounter if elected?”
One of the primary duties of a Commissioner is to see the County operates in a fiscally responsible manner. With current economic conditions at the state government level, we are continuously seeing funding revenues from the state being cut and revenue streams from the state capped at levels from many years back. That includes money earmarked for roads  and bridges that’s being completely swept away due to state budget shortfalls. Yet we see costs going up, just as we do in our own personal lives on a daily basis. This will be a continuous challenge that we must manage with conservative fiduciary responsibility.

“What do you hope to accomplish?”
We’ve accomplished big things for the county over the last four years. One prime example is repurposing the Noble Energy facility that was donated to Carter County. The move was inevitable to accommodate decades of growth as the population and service needs increases demands on the county offices heavier than anticipated when the courthouse was originally designed. We were able to economically address the long, overdue need to provide the county and its employees the space, security and functionality of a true courthouse.
I’ll continue to work to manage county finances with a common sense approach and responsible manner. Partnerships with the communities have benefitted residents and local road projects and I’ll continue to work with local leaders and all elected officials. It’s important to continue to outfit volunteer fire departments with revenues remaining from the expired fire fighter sales tax to maintain all of their equipment.

“How do you plan to meet your goals?”
Keeping good, conservative, responsible goals to better our community comes from within. It needs to be part of your core beliefs and moral compass. This takes working together with the community and other county, state and federal officials to meet the needs of all of our constituents

“What do you see as the biggest challenges facing the state?”
My primary focus is serving my constituents of Carter County who have elected me as their Commissioner. Part of that is developing relationships at the state level to benefit the county.
I think the biggest challenge to our state is sticking with and defining the core responsibilities our state government was created to provide. Elected officials need to work together, regardless of political party, to work within a budget like we have successfully done here in Carter County.

“What do you see as the biggest legislative need facing your district?”
 Two of the core responsibilities of a government are funding safe transportation along with citizen security and safety (i.e. law enforcement & fire fighting). We have been blessed with strong, conservative, representation from our local officials. Future representation hopefully will stand strong for our core needs and leave special interests aside.
I look forward to building on the positive results and improvements during the past three years I have served and hope I have earned your vote of confidence in me to continue to serve as your County Commissioner for District 3.