When Mark Vaughn, member of the Church of Christ on Merrick Drive, heard about the needs for an upcoming mission trip to Cucuta, Columbia, he decided to ask his bosses at Hunter Super Techs to help.
“They were talking about it at church, and they said baby formula was like gold over there,” Vaughn said. “So I came in and asked John if there was something we could do.”
“Their contact there said one of the biggest problems they have is a lot of the babies and infants are very malnourished because they can’t get the food they need for months,”  explained John Shirley, Hunter marketing and sales advisor. “They said if there was anything you can do to help we’d love to get some of that stuff.”
The team at Hunter Super Techs decided to do more than just help themselves. In addition to purchasing $300 worth of formula, the company started a drive to get as much formula as possible for the upcoming mission trip.
“We shared it on Facebook, and we’ve had a great response,” Shirley said. So far they have received numerous checks, along with cases of donated formula.
The mission trip will begin on June 19, and Hunter Super Techs will continue accepting donations at their location at 707 Lake Murray Drive in Ardmore until 5 p.m. on Thursday, June 14.