Taco Casa opened its doors last Tuesday and the demand has been exceptional.
“It’s been nonstop since the day we opened, which is awesome, and that’s what we were hoping for,” Shawn Parker, owner said. “We’ve been extremely pleased with the business so far. It’s been going really well. We’ve been very happy.”
This is the second location Parker and his brother Brandon have opened with their first being in Whitesboro, Texas. Shawn explained the decision for an Ardmore location.
“We’ve been looking into it for about three years. It’s a growing community and we just wanted to get up here and be a part of it.” Parker said. “We’re just glad to be here now.”
One thing that makes the Ardmore location special is the building’s updated design and layout.
“It’s a new design that we have here,” Parker explained. “A couple of them have it, but it’s more of an updated version. It’s very efficient and we’re really liking it so far.”
“I just want to thank everybody who’s come out,” Parker said.