About 30 band kids braved the heat to wash cars and raise funds Saturday afternoon.
Members of Dickson’s band raised about $500 by washing cars at Pit Pros Quick Lube from about 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Band Director Mike Baird said about 30 band students participated in total, with some staying for the entire 4 hour stretch.
“It went really well,” Baird said. “We do this every summer and we’ve got another one coming up on July 14.
Dickson’s band holds car wash fundraisers every summer to raise money for the upcoming year.
Dax Cooper, who has been with the Dickson band since sixth grade, was on advertising duty the whole time. He said multiple videos of his enthusiastic sign dancing are now floating around.
“I had so many people taking video,” Cooper said. “It’s a little bit of a drag because it’s hot, but it’s still fun. I just like dancing.”
James Nilson, a Dickson junior, plays the trombone. He said the number of participating students this year was twice what it had been in previous years. This year’s band has about 50 students in total.
“My first year it was so-so because we did three different days,” Nilson said.
Baird said the car wash fundraisers were specifically to raise money for new instruments for the upcoming school year.
“We’ll do other things,” Baird said. “We’ll do a catalogue fundraiser that will raise a good majority of our money.”