Tyler Young, marketing director of the Ardmore Tourism Authority and Ardmore Convention and Visitors Bureau, sat down on Thursday to discuss some of the events and attractions coming to the area.
“Summer is definitely far and away our busiest time of the year in terms of seeing overnight traffic, in particular,” Young said. “We’re constantly in conversation with our hoteliers and our restauranteurs, and they’re very good about letting us know when things are good. That has been the case this summer.”
One of the key draws to the area is, of course, Lake Murray. One thing to keep an eye on is the expansion of the new lodge. Phase two has been announced and Includes adding several new guestrooms to the facility.
“That will be great for getting people down for the lake because I think the worst thing you can say is we don’t have any space,” Young said. “While we do have more rooms available in town, the expansion can only be beneficial.”
“We actually see more and more folks venturing out from the lake into town, or even more than that, a really good quantity of people are staying overnight,” he said. “They stay in our hotels, eat in our restaurants, and shop in our shops.”
Speaking of the lake and summertime, the annual 4th of July fireworks show will soon be upon us.
“The response just gets bigger and bigger every year,” Young said. “It’s hard for the lake to even give me estimates, but I believe them when they say it just gets bigger and bigger every year. This year they told me to expect the exact same thing.”
In addition to annual traditions, building projects are in the works that will help both the community and tourists create a few new traditions.
“The coolest project for me is The Clubhouse that the city is working on,” Young said in reference to the facility going in near Regional Park at the former location of Dizzy’s. The Clubhouse will feature miniature golf and go-carts among other amenities. The project, however, has suffered some setbacks due to the discovery of underground pipes that were not on any of the schematics, but now the work is beginning to pick up speed.
“They’re hoping to get that project really and truly going in the short-term future, and that will be great because we haven’t really had that sort of place. A family-fun type location like what we had when we were kids going to Dizzy’s to hang out for the afternoon.”