Ardmore Police Department Capt. Keith Ingle confirmed Friday that an alleged “pump pirate” was apprehended. 

A true community effort, the alleged thief was caught after social media posts by APD asked the city for help in locating the suspect, Austin Trae McNeill, 22, of Ardmore. 

Last week, McNeill allegedly drove away from two local gas stations without paying for fuel. Oklahoma State statue Title 21 section 1740 states any person who pumps gasoline into the tank of a vehicle and then leaves the premises without paying may be charged with a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, may be punished with a fine of not more than $500, sentenced to county jail for not more than 60 days, or both such fine and imprisonment. 

McNeill is currently being held at the Carter County Detention Center pending transport due to an outstanding Pontotoc County warrant for felony domestic abuse-prior pattern of physical abuse charges. In that case, bond was set at $75,000 with a no contact order as to the victim. 

Formal charges have not yet been filed in Carter County Court for the violation of the Pump Pirate act.