Cheryl Key will be the Democratic candidate for the Oklahoma House of Representatives District 48.
Key and her supporters crowded Legacy Event Center on Wednesday evening getting frequent updates as new results arrived. Every new polling announcement drew cheers and rounds of applause. Her lead over opponent Jordan Buck was apparent from the earliest results and
remained strong all evening. Final results had Key winning 65 percent of the 3,761 votes cast.
 After learning that she had won the nomination, she addressed the crowd.
“I’m thrilled to death that it turned out the way it did,” Key said. “It’s been really a lot of hard work, but you guys have all been terrific.”
This November, she and Republican Tammy Townley will face off in a historic race. Regardless of the result, a woman will represent the district for what many believe will the first time ever and Key addressed the momentous occasion.
“I know that we are both women who have high moral standards and that we will both be positive campaigners. I’m also expecting that we will both be working ourselves to death!”
At the end of the evening, she pledged her commitment to the district by stating her plans if elected.
“I intend to once a quarter be in every community at either a city hall meeting, a town hall meeting, a school board meeting or walking down their Main Street just to meet with people. I want to make sure that I stay in touch with people because I have been getting the impression that the people out in the larger district, away from Ardmore, feel like they are being ignored. I promise them that I will be in touch on a regular basis.”