Marietta will soon be expanding with new businesses, a new housing development, and updates to the city parks.
“I have been mayor for two years this year, and I’m always asking myself how do we move things forward,” Kim Fraire said.
At 33 years old, she is the youngest mayor in the city’s history, and one of the places she finds inspiration is Ardmore.
“It’s amazing the great things the Ardmore Main Street Authority and Ardmore Chamber of Commerce have done for the city. They have totally revitalized downtown, and we are working on doing the same thing here.”
One prime example of the changes that have already taken place is the restaurant The Taste located on Main Street. It opened last April, and Fraire talked about the relaxing environment, delicious foods, and amazing desserts. But The Taste is only the beginning of more eateries to come. The city will soon also be welcoming a Baskin-Robbins and a Dunkin Donuts.
One of the largest projects in the works is a new housing development which will be located just south of town. Thirty new rental homes will be constructed. Many will have three bedrooms, but some of the homes will contain four. Another feature is that every house will come with its own storm shelter.
To provide even more incentive for people to move into the new homes, the city is also planning improvements to its parks.
“My goal as mayor is to update all of our parks by the end of the fiscal year,” she said. The most exciting portion of this project is in the works already.
The city has been awarded a grant to install its own splash pad. They are merely awaiting finalization, but Fraire remains hopeful that project will be completed by the end of September so the citizens get the opportunity to enjoy it before it closes for the season.