The unofficial results for the Democratic primary for House District 49 show Miranda Shelton will run against Republican incumbent Tommy Hardin in November.
“Things have been going well,” Shelton said Wednesday. “We still have a lot of work to do.” Shelton said she will focus on educating voters, including non-Democrats who are looking for change.
“Straight party voting doesn’t work anymore,” Shelton said. “We need to be voting for goodhearted people who will vote in our best interests, not those of special interest groups.”
When it comes to the issues facing the state, Shelton said she’s open to learning as well.
“Education got me where I am,” she said, “but there are so many other things we need to fix.”
Shelton also said she is thankful for all the support she has received so far.
“I am overwhelmed by the amount of support I received throughout the campaign,” Shelton said. “My family and I thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. I started this journey for my students, my fellow teachers, and my children. I was tired of our voices being silenced.”
Shelton said the results so far indicate there is hope for the state.  
“Our voices are being heard. Change is coming and it’s been needed for a very long time. We have a long, hard road ahead but we are strong and we are united. We must fight on, and I ask you all to join me. It doesn’t matter what political party you identify with. It is time to come together and fix this state that we all call home.”
Shelton said she is looking forward to the possibility of working on important issues, like medical cannabis.
“The people in office now can’t be trusted to do the right thing,” Shelton said, adding that she was in favor of postponing implementation to allow those who are being elected in November to have a role in making things right. Shelton said she is not in favor of the proposed special session to make changes to the proposed statutes, especially since it will cost the taxpayers more money.