Results from Tuesday’s primary election race continue to roll in as county election boards around the state continue working to certify their results.
Provisional ballots will be researched and processed this week.
“We will certify the results on Friday at our board meeting,” said Carter County Election Board Secretary Diane Hall.
The State Election Board will then certify the state and federal election results, including those for State Question 788, on Tuesday, July 3.
Voter registration re-opened Wednesday, with a window of just a few weeks until registrations will be paused for the August 28 primary election runoff.
“We cannot process registrations for 25 days prior to any election,” Hall said. August 3 will be the last day to register or change information on your voter registration.
Those who have never registered or who discovered they had been purged from the voter rolls can register or update their information by going to their county election board office or other offices around the state that register voters. The Department of Motor Vehicles, most tag agencies and social service agencies like OKDHS or the Health Department offer the service to the public.
“You can get the form online,” Hall said. “You can’t register online but you can print the form and mail or bring it in.”
Forms and further information on voting rules and registration guidelines are available at