The Ardmore Tourism Authority met Thursday morning at the Ardmore Convention Center.
One of the first items on the agenda was a review of results from the audit performed on fiscal year 2017. According to results of the finding, all financial statements had been presented fairly and in all material aspects.
Out of all materials provided, there was only one instance where the ATA was found to be out of compliance. Of the 60 receipts tested, one did not comply with Oklahoma statutes.
“Oklahoma statute requires that all funds collected be deposited within one business day of receipt,” said ATA President, Mita Bates. “A check was not deposited by the next business day, and that’s something that we do have a policy on.” She went on to say that the issue had been addressed internally.
One of the other important documents reviewed at the meeting displayed the money the ATA has received from the hotel/motel tax over the course of fiscal year 2018.
The fiscal year officially ends June 30, so total tax revenues for hotel tax for this month have yet to be compiled. That being said, taxes raised have already surpassed those raised over the entire years of 2016 and 2017, respectively. As of May 31, 2018, hotel tax revenues totaled $841,914.64, which is more than the $837,398.60 collected during 2017 and the $805,462.12 collected during 2016.
The receipts show that area hotels are busier than they have been during previous years, ultimately leading more people to eat in Ardmore’s restaurants, and making purchases in Ardmore’s shops.
“It shows a good, strong rebound,” Bates said at the meeting’s conclusion.