Ardmore Middle School is well on its way to reopening in time for the next school year.
The building partially flooded last month after a water pipe burst, spewing thousands of gallons of water throughout the school’s cafeteria, gym and library. ACS Director of Operations Chris Kennedy said the bulk of the work will be completed by the end of July.
“We want the teachers to have plenty of time to get back into their classrooms,” Kennedy said.
A group of teachers in the building for a professional development event were able to call for help and bail water out of the building until it arrived, which prevented the building from having more serious damage. Still, water gushed for roughly 20 minutes, flooding half of the school.
The gym floor, which was warped badly by water that got underneath the maple wood floorboards, is being replaced. The planks are in place, but won’t be nailed down for at least another 10 days.  Kennedy said the process can take up to two weeks.
“You can’t nail them down right away, you have to let the wood relax,” Kennedy said.
The school’s kitchen has been repaired, and its water heaters, sprinkler system and fire alarm system are all ready for next year.
The library, which is close to the cafeteria, didn’t take much water damage. The carpets have been removed and will be replaced once the rest of the work on the building has been done.
“We’ll start putting the carpets back in after the Fourth of July,” Kennedy said.
The building’s tile floors will pose another issue. While they weren’t damaged in the flood and weren’t wet for very long, comparatively speaking, they’re likely to loosen over time.
“If we don’t replace them, they’ll only get worse in the next few years,” Kennedy said.
 Kennedy said his tentative plan is to hold off for now, then replace all of the tile in the building during spring break of the upcoming school year. The tile hasn’t been replaced since the school opened in 1997.
“Otherwise, half of the tile would be new and the other half will be old,” Kennedy said.