Charges were reduced at the request of the victims in a burglary case stemming from a Feb. 18 breaking and entering case.
Trevor Angus Clements, 28, of Ardmore, was previously charged with a felony count of first degree burglary. Documents filed in Carter County Court list allegations of Clements forcibly kicking in the front door of a family dwelling and entering the home without the consent of the occupants with intent to do harm to some of the occupants.
Initially released on a $15,000 bond with a no-contact order filed as to the victims, Clements entered a guilty plea in May for the reduced charge of breaking and entering without permission.
“The charges were reduced to the included misdemeanor offense of breaking and entering at the victims’ request,” said Carter County District Attorney Craig Ladd.
While the felony charge could have landed Clements up to seven years in prison, the reduction of the charges to a  misdemeanor instead led to one year of DA supervision and the assignment of fines and court costs.