The City of Madill is without natural gas today after a contractor dug into the main feeder line which supplies all gas to the town. 

The Emergency Manager for the City of Madill, Donny Raley, confirmed that two businesses in the area have been evacuated and another has been notified to cease operations in the vicinity of the leak. No residential evacuations have taken place as of yet. 

“Crews are en route from Oklahoma City,” Raley said. “They will set up a nitrogen cascade system on the affected line.” That system would prevent the line from having to be shut down completely, Raley said. 

The feeder line supplies 100 percent of the natural gas to the city, so closing it off would affect everyone. “The hospital and nursing homes as well as many residences use gas cook stoves and hot water heaters,” Raley said. Not only would they be without service for an undetermined amount of time, they would also have to wait for those appliances to be re-lit when service could be restored. 

Raley confirmed that fire crews are on scene to manage the incident. The City of Madill is asking that everyone avoid the area for the next few hours in order to allow work crews to manage the scene.