As temperatures quickly approach triple digits, many of us choose to spend as much time as possible indoors. For some that means turning on air conditioners and relaxing at home. For others, however, that is not always an option.

Some may not have an air conditioner in their home. Others may not be able to afford the higher bills that come with running one. For people in these categories, “Cool Zones” offer a great place to relax and cool down.

The Cool Zone program is a partnership between OG&E and local libraries, shopping centers, senior centers, and other locations that allow people the opportunity to stop and rest if they begin to feel overheated. The program began in 2001 and now has over 300 partners across the state.

According, local partners are the Ardmore Public Library, the Champion Public Library, The Shops at Ardmore, the Senior Citizen’s Center (for citizens aged 60 and over) and the Salvation Army. Other area locations include the Davis Public Library, The Healdton Community Library, the Love County Library, and the Wilson Public Library.

“There’s quite a few people here today,” Daniel Gibbs, director of the Ardmore Public Library said on Monday. “It’s really just now starting to pick up.”

Last month, the Ardmore Public Library had approximately 10,600 patrons come through the door, and Gibbs said that number is actually a bit lower than average. While not all of these visitors were there specifically to cool off, as the summer progresses the number of visitors increases. For example, last August 14,245 visited.

“When it gets truly hot, that’s when it really starts to pick up even more as people seek relief from the heat.”